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Pop-up Ring Peace

Pop-up Ring Peace

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Peace sign motif ring from Sono Jewelery: An expression of peace and fashion. The world-famous peace sign is not only a symbol of the '68 movement and disarmament, but also stands for peace and harmony. At Sono Jewelery, we have transformed this powerful symbol into an exquisite piece of jewelry - ideal for anyone who wants to combine style with meaning.

Our pop-up motif ringers are characterized by their elegance and modernity and are perfect for the fashion-conscious wearer. Each ring:

  • Is handmade from high quality 925 sterling silver.
  • Has a fine wire thickness of approximately 1.2 mm, giving it a slim and elegant appearance.
  • Is available in silver, gold-plated silver and rose gold-plated silver.
  • Can be ordered in your desired size. Please note that there may be a longer delivery time for individual sizes.

Choose your peace sign ring from Sono Jewelry today and wear a sign of peace and fashion on your finger.

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