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Flying Pearls hoop earrings

Flying Pearls hoop earrings

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Discover timeless elegance: rose gold hoop earrings with freshwater pearls

Immerse yourself in the world of sophisticated jewelry with our exquisite hoop earrings made of high-quality rose gold, refined with five radiant freshwater pearls. These timeless earrings are not only a statement in terms of style, but also an expression of fine craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics.

The hoop earrings, measuring approximately 4.7cm in diameter, provide a subtle setting for the five stunning freshwater pearls, each of an impressive size ranging from 5.5-6mm. The cultured pearls impress with their flawless surface and their shimmering shine, which perfectly rounds off any outfit.

Our jewelry is crafted with the utmost precision to ensure long-lasting quality. The rose gold gives the hoop earrings a warm and contemporary touch, while the freshwater pearls add a touch of naturalness and grace.

These hoop earrings are perfect as a gift for special occasions or as an addition to your own jewelry collection. Get these enchanting hoop earrings today and experience timeless luxury.

Product features at a glance:

  • Material: 18K high quality rose gold
  • Pearls: Five freshwater pearls (cultured pearls)
  • Diameter of the hoop earrings: approx. 4.7 cm
  • Bead size: 5.5-6mm
  • Handcrafted for the highest quality

Make a statement with these rose gold hoop earrings and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of freshwater pearls. Order now and enrich your jewelry collection with a timeless highlight!

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Dana Menzel

Willkommen bei Sono Jewellery, gegründet von Dana Menzel, die ihre Leidenschaft und Erfahrung als Goldschmiedin und Kommunikationsdesignerin in jedes luxuriöse Schmuckstück einbringt.

Seit 2010 kreiert Dana Premium-Designs, inspiriert von Kunst, Musik und Mode, die zeitlose Eleganz und Vielseitigkeit verkörpern. Jedes Stück wird aus den edelsten Materialien mit höchster Präzision gefertigt, um Qualität und Langlebigkeit zu garantieren.

Die handgefertigten Schmuckstücke verkörpern eine perfekte Symbiose aus Tradition und Moderne und lassen sich mühelos mit verschiedenen Outfits kombinieren.

Entdecke exklusive Meisterwerke, die nicht nur schmücken, sondern Deine Persönlichkeit auf luxuriöse Weise ausdrücken.