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Big Sparkle Necklace

Big Sparkle Necklace

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Exquisite creation: 18kt rose gold necklace with 0.5ct cinnamon-colored diamond in 5 prongs - 43 cm

Experience timeless beauty in every movement with our exclusive necklace made of elegant 18 carat rose gold. The centerpiece of this creation is a captivating 0.5 carat cinnamon-colored diamond, artfully set in 5 prongs. With a length of 43 cm, this necklace fits perfectly and adds a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Sparkling elegance: 0.5 carat cinnamon-colored diamond in 5 prongs

The impressive cinnamon-colored diamond, weighing 0.5 carats, is perfectly showcased by the 5-prong setting. Its warm color and radiant brilliance make it an eye-catcher, while the artistic frame gives it enough space to fully develop its play of light.

MASTERFUL DESIGN: Craftsmanship in 18k rose gold

Every detail of this necklace is a masterpiece of precision craftsmanship. The 18 carat rose gold gives the piece a touch of luxury, while the 5-prong setting ensures safety and optimal light transmission.

Versatile elegance: The perfect accessory for every occasion

This necklace is more than just jewelry, it is an expression of elegance and exclusivity. Its simple design and cinnamon-colored diamond make it a versatile accessory that can be effortlessly integrated into various occasions - be it a festive event or a meeting with friends.

Unique brilliance: Cinnamon colored brilliant with 5 prongs

Invest in timeless beauty and expand your collection with this unique necklace. The cinnamon-colored diamond in 5 prongs becomes a radiant companion on every occasion and subtly emphasizes your elegance.

Also available in white or rose gold. Please note that we only make this piece of jewelry carefully and individually for you upon order. That's why delivery takes a little longer (at least 14-21 days) and this piece of jewelry is excluded from the right of withdrawal.

We look forward to advising you (also via video call) or answering all your questions at

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