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Ardeco bracelet textile with silver beads

Ardeco bracelet textile with silver beads

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Discover the world of colors with our unique bracelets from Ardeco! These colorful accessories are not only perfect additions to our entire jewelry range, but also standalone statement pieces. They bring color and pep and the right summer feeling to your wrist. Whether you wear them alone or combine them with other pieces of jewelry, these bracelets are versatile companions for every occasion.

At the same time, it was very important to me when choosing where the ribbons came from. The bracelets from Latin America are sustainably and fairly produced and are 100% hand-woven unique pieces, as the Miyuki beads (glass beads) are threaded piece by piece with a pin.

The fabric threads are insensitive to heat, moisture and cold and have a long service life. The flexible pull closure makes the bracelets perfectly wearable for all sizes.

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